August 30, 2014 Winners – Brett Hearn (Modified), Peter Carlotto (Crate Sportsman Rain Delayed From 8/16), Jeff Watson (Crate Sportsman), Robbie Speed (Pro Stock), Dan Olds (Pure Stock #1), Jay Casey (Pure Stock #2), Lou Ganczar (Pure Stock #3), Jason Meltz (Boomer’s Performance Pure Stock Classic).
August 23, 2014 Winners – Kyle Armstrong (Modified), Frank Hoard III (358 Modified), Chuck Towslee (Pro Stock), Jason Meltz (Pure Stock #1), David Olds (Pure Stock #2), Ed Hatch (Pure Stock #3), Victoria Boyles (4-Cylinder Single Cam), Chris Vandeputte (4-Cylinder Dual Cam).
August 16, 2014 Winners – Brett Hearn (Modified), Wayne Jelley (358 Modified), Jon Routhier (Pro Stock), John Devine (Pure Stock #1), Bob Brown (Pure Stock #2), Mike Eichstedt (Pure Stock #3).
August 14, 2014 Winners – Brett Hearn (Mr. Dirt Track USA Super DIRTcar Series Modified)
August 9, 2014 Winners – Andy Bachetti (Modified), Tyler Dippel (358 Modified), Frank Twing (Pro Stock), Chris Streeter (Pure Stock #1), Jason Meltz (Pure Stock #2), Jeff Meltz (Pure Stock #3), Jim Williams (4-Cylinder Single Cam), Kenny Stager (4-Cylinder Dual Cam).
August 2, 2014 Winners – Brett Hearn (Modified), Tyler Dippel (358 Modified), Whitey Slavin (Crate Sportsman), Victor Hopkins (Pro Stock), Hunter Sanchez (Pure Stock #1), Jesse Murphy (Pure Stock #2), Jeff Kreutzinger (Pure Stock #3).
July 26, 2014 Winners – Brett Hearn (Modified), Olden Dwyer (358 Modified), Jay Corbin (Pro Stock), John Felarecki (Pure Stock #1), Dave Stickles (Pure Stock #2), Ed Hatch (Pure Stock #3).
July 20, 2014 Winners – David Gravel (WoO Sprints), Brett Haas (358 Modified).
July 19, 2014 Winners – Brett Hearn (Modified), John Virgilio (Crate Sportsman), Chuck Towslee (Pro Stock), Hunter Sanchez (Pure Stock #1), Dan Cote (Pure Stock #2), Jeff Meltz Sr. (Pure Stock #3).
July 12, 2014 Winners – Donnie Corellis (Modified), Ryan Darcy (358 Modified), Ray Hall Jr. (Crate Sportsman), Paul LaRochelle (Pro Stock), Bob Palmer (Pure Stock #1), Joe Laundry (Pure Stock #2), Mike Eichstedt (Pure Stock #3).
July 5, 2014 Winners – Brett Hearn (Modified), Frank Harper (358 Modified), Rob Yetman (Pro Stock), Clifford Booth (Pure Stock #1), Scott Morris (Pure Stock #2), Steven LaRochelle (Pure Stock #3).
June 28, 2014 Winners – Keith Flach (Modified), Chad Jeseo (358 Modified), Michael Sabia (Crate Sportsman), Rob Yetman (Pro Stock), Jesse Murphy (Pure Stock #1), John Felarecki (Pure Stock #2), Al Relyea (Pure Stock #3).
June 21, 2014 Winners – Kolby Schroder (Modified), Rob Yetman (Pro Stock), Jesse Murphy (Pure Stock #1), Bob Brown (Pure Stock #2), Doug Olds (Pure Stock #3).
June 14, 2014 Winners – Eddie Marshall (Modified), Jason Herrington (358 Modified), Alan Houghtailing (Crate Sportsman), Frank Twing (Pro Stock), Dan Cote (Pure Stock #1), Scott Morris (Pure Stock #2), Lou Ganczar (Pure Stock #3).
June 7, 2014 Winners – Kyle Hoffman (Modified), Alan Houghtailing (358 Modified), Jay Corbin (Pro Stock), Shawn Perez (Pure Stock #1), Larry Perez (Pure Stock #2), Gary O’Brien (Pure Stock #3), Don Curley (4-Cylinder Single Cam), Kenny Stager (4-Cylinder Dual Cam).
May 31, 2014 Winners – Donnie Corellis (Modified), Chad Pierce (358 Modified), Matt Pappa (Crate Sportsman), Victor Hopkins (Pro Stock), Hunter Sanchez (Pure Stock #1), Jason Meltz (Pure Stock #2), Ray Hall Sr. (Pure Stock #3).
May 24, 2014 Winners – Paul Gilardi (Modified), Brett Haas (358 Modified), Jason Casey (Pro Stock), John Devine (Pure Stock #1), Jason Meltz (Pure Stock #2), John Felarecki (Pure Stock #3), Jethro Rossan (4-Cylinder Single Cam), Kenny Stager (4-Cylinder Dual Cam).
May 17, 2014 Winners – Kyle Sheldon (Modified), Kim LaVoy (358 Modified), Alan Houghtailing (Crate Sportsman), Nick Hilt (Pro Stock), Dan Cote (Pure Stock #1), Dave Stickles (Pure Stock #2), Steven LaRochelle (Pure Stock #3).
May 10, 2014 Winners – JR Heffner (Modified), Art Collins (358 Modified), Jay Casey (Pro Stock), Scott Morris (Pure Stock #1), Jeff Meltz (Pure Stock #2), Gary O’Brien (Pure Stock #3), Steven LaRochelle (Boomer’s Performance Pure Stock Clash).
May 3, 2014 Winners – Larry Perez (Pure Stock #1), Steven LaRochelle (Pure Stock #2), Ray Hall Sr. (Pure Stock #3). (Rest Of Program Rained Out)
April 19, 2014 Winners – Brett Hearn (Modified), Michael Sabia (Crate Sportsman), Robbie Speed (Pro Stock), Hunter Sanchez (Pure Stock #1), Jeff Meltz Sr. (Pure Stock #2), Ed Hatch (Pure Stock #3).
April 12, 2014 Winners – Donnie Corellis (Modified), Robbie Speed (Pro Stock), Gary O’Brien (Pure Stock #1), Chris Streeter (Pure Stock #2), Al Relyea (Pure Stock #3).

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